The Safest Natural Breast Enhancement Methods

The Safest Natural Breast Enhancement Methods

There are women and men, all over the world, who are seeking a more natural way to boost their breast size. There are plenty of natural ways that can help them. From foods, creams, and herbs to exercises, natural breast enhancement is completely attainable for men and women. In fact, here are the safest natural breast enhancement methods that you can use starting today!

Breast Massage To Bigger Breasts

A lot of our breast buddies don't think of ever giving their breasts a good massaging, but it can help them to grow larger. You won't need that much time out of your day, and in fact, this is something that you could do in bed or in the shower. You can even get your partner to do it! Massaging your breasts will help get the prolactin pumping, which can cause your breasts to start growing once again.

There are two different types of breast massage that you can do yourself. The first is called the Chi massage. It is quite easy and involves heating your hands to help with growth. Rub your hands together to get them as hot as possible. Then cup your hands over each one of your breasts. Be sure to spread your fingers apart so you are giving each breast the support they need. Start moving your breasts in a circular motion for about ten minutes. This will help to get the blood moving in your breasts and for the breast tissue to start growing again. The second type of breast massage is called Fat Transfer Massage. It can help to move fat from one area of your body to your breasts. Rub your hands together to produce heat for the massage. Take your hands and start at your stomach to rub the fat from the stomach to your breasts. It will look like a sweeping motion. Do this for about ten minutes as well. 

Breast Workouts to Build Your Breast Size

Breast workouts have also become incredibly popular for those who want to enhance their breasts. These exercises do take up more time than a quick massage, but they are well worth it. You can start with the dumbbell press. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, weight will depend on what you are most comfortable with starting out. Bring the dumbbells lower and then bring them back up so that they meet in the middle of your chest. Continue this motion for about 20 to 30 reps. Your arms will begin to get tired, so stop and rest when you feel like it. This exercise can be done each day.

 The incline bench press is another breast building activity that you can try. It works in the same way as the dumbbell press, but you will need to be on more of an incline when you do the workout. Do this workout for about 20 to 30 reps too. Because of the incline, you may feel tired sooner. Do not worry, it is always a good idea to rest. Your arms will get stronger doing these exercises too and you will begin to switch to other weights. 

 Natural Breast Enhancement Products

There are many products on the market today that boast of helping to build breast size. If you are part of our Breast Buddies, you know that we are building a brighter future for better breasts! Swiss Botany offers our Pueraria Mirifica serum that can help your breasts to grow larger and more supple. We are also excited to announce other products in this line such as soaps and lotions! Check out our blog to keep up with the latest and greatest products for breast enhancement. 



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