My Honest Dragon’s Blood Testimonial

brenda Baker with swiss botany Dragon's Blood Gel

My name is Brenda Baker.


I am one of those girls who has always taken care of my skin.  


My Mom started selling a well-known skincare brand when I was nine months old.  


She struggled with adult acne and made it her mission to be sure skincare was a priority to me.  


She promptly started me on a skincare regime when I was around 11.  


I have always had super sensitive skin, and I had great success with that brand until about 9 years ago when a fragrance allergy (and a surge of hormones) popped up…


Up till that point, I had never had any issue. 


And before I knew it, I couldn’t wear anything with a fragrance, wash my undergarments with soap with fragrance, or be around anyone wearing perfume. 


Let’s just say that finding bath & body products was touch and go too.


Plus, I was developing a few sunspots on my face.


At that time a friend had asked me to try another up-and-coming product line made by two dermatologists.


I was very skeptical because I’d had such problems finding anything I could use.


Even products I’d used for years.


To be clear, the line my friend sold didn’t bother me, it also didn’t do the job I wanted it to do… Which was to get rid of those dark spots and smooth out those wrinkles!

How the Dragon’s Blood Gel Renewed My Confidence

When I was first introduced to the Dragon’s Blood Gel, I was afraid to try it. 

The fine lines under my eyes and creases to each side of my eyes were really making me feel self-conscious.  

I was in my early forties, I hadn’t ever smoked, I ate healthy foods… I thought to myself, “I should not be aging like this.”

I made my mind up to try the Dragon’s Blood Gel and I was floored by what I discovered. 

The gel was light when it went on my face. I found no issue with getting rashes.  In just a few days I was seeing huge results. 

Bye, bye fine lines.  See you later side-eye wrinkles. 

It might sound melodramatic but Swiss Botany gave me my confidence back!  

I could be on camera and feel youthful and fresh. 

I could finally use foundation without breaking out from too much excess moisture. 

I could look and feel good again!

If you are on the fence about trying any of the Swiss Botany products, all I can say is… try them!  

I am confident you will love them!  

Thank you Swiss Botany for making such wonderful, natural products.  

They’ve really changed my outlook on life.

To find out more about Swiss Botany products,  click this link 

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