Wrinkle Wand | Skin Therapy Ionic Wrinkle Wand

Gentle Ultrasonic wrinkle wand Therapy promotes increased circulation.


✔︎ Ionic Flow. Pulses to gently ‘push’ Anti-aging Serum deeper. Delivers noticeable reduction in appearance of fine lines, eye-bags & lines around mouth

✔︎ Gentle Ultrasonic Therapy promotes increased circulation to REDUCE PUFFY EYES, promotes DEEPER, EFFECTIVE eye treatments & REDUCES DARK CIRCLES… noticeably firmer skin in 2-3 weeks

✔︎ Portable and lightweight fits in purse or cosmetic bag. The massage head is specially designed for wrinkle areas around eyes, mouth, and nose

✔︎ Automatically activates when the massage head comes into contact with the skin surface. Single AAA battery (included) lasts for months

A transdermal wrinkle wand delivery system allowing active anti-aging nutrients to penetrate deeper into the skin by 30%. Processes of iontophoresis and micro vibration increase absorption as well micro-circulation

Lightweight and travel-friendly the Micro-Firming Wand is perfect for radiant skin on the go. Through ionic energy the wand automatically starts vibration once sensing moisture and automatically stops once product is completely absorbed. No messy cords, just one AAA battery.


Directions: Apply one pump of Swiss Botany eye Gel or Anti-aging serum onto the Applicator Tip of the head of the Micro-Firming Wand to fully activate. The Micro-Firming Wand operates automatically when in contact with skin’s surface.

The Micro-Firming Wand must be applied onto damp or treated skin. Use overlapping circular motions and massage gently into skin, targeting specific areas or apply all over face as treatment until fully absorbed. Using your ionic energy to activate, due to the process of iontophoresis, you cannot use on another individual unless holding hands, transferring the ionic energy. The device automatically shuts off when no longer in contact with skin. Do not wash/immerse the Micro-Firming Wand in water. Wipe with damp/dry cloth, or sanitize with alcohol wipes.

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