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Face Whitening Cream upgrade kit for travel & use on sensitive skin areas! Made in USA

✅ SKIN BLEACHING CREAM lightener brightens and fades dark spots, hyperpigmentation issues & melasma genius organic skin lightener acids gently peel dark spots to reveal brighter skin while we may call it a bleaching cream it goes on smooth and has moisturizing properties!

✅ WHITENING SKIN FACE BLEACH is so effective at skin lightening cream for african americans that we give you a 4 WEEK PROMISE - If you haven't seen noticeable results with our hyperpigmentation treatment for face bleaching cream for black skin (Or lighter shades) send it back! But we're positive you'll love it!

Use on Face, Hands, Neck & Other Sensitive Areas when it comes to a solid skin whitening routine our Ultimate whitening cream is a fan favorite! Use our skin whitening cream as a face lightening cream or bleaching cream for dark spots  or bleach cream for private parts!

✅ CONTAINS MORE EFFECTIVE ingredients than other brands AND WON'T CAUSE LONG TERM SKIN DAMAGE like other bleaching creams! 

THE 4 WEEK PROMISE IF you use the Ultimate Whitening upgrade Kit for: cremas para las manchas de la cara, fade cream for dark spots , face whitening cream, whitening body lotion  inner thigh lightening cream or you are using it for brightening cream to improve & even your overall skin tone - And you have not started seeing results - Send It back! We'll find you something better! 

Made in USA - Safe Product with No Added Mercury!