Vitamin C Eye Gel Rebate offer!

Vitamin C Eye Gel

Redemption Rules!

Step 1️:  Once you click on the link to buy the Vitamin C Eye Gel, make sure you Like, Share & Comment a friends name!

Step 2:  One rebate per person per household (No cheating!)


  • Buy the product within 30 MINUTES
  • AFTER confirming your order, receive a 100% FULL guaranteed rebate payment to your choice of direct payment to your PayPal account, or Amazon gift card. We will rebate your product cost plus shipping (You will pay the small tax fee)
  • You can only redeem this promotion once but you can also get your friends and family to redeem as well.
  • ​Cancelling or returning the product at any point after the purchase+refund will get you banned from any future awesome deals from us (No good for anyone, right? )

Limited time offer while supplies last.


Click the link below to take you to a specific Facebook post. Then click the link in that post which says "US shoppers...Go to and try our ..." which takes you directly to the product on Amazon.

APPLY ANY PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNTS - Using our coupons are 100% fine!

1) Please purchase the product and after you purchase we will send you your 100% rebate within 48-72 hours (usually sooner) after your order ships.

2) After you purchase you will be assigned an Amazon order ID by Amazon. This will show up on the page after your purchase, in your recent orders page, or on the emailed order receipt.

3) In Facebook Messenger send us the message "rebate info" (without quotes). Follow the instructions and provide requested information.
That's it! Simple, right?!?!

We will verify the order ID and confirm that you bought the product and then provide a 100% REBATE to you through PayPal.

When Can I Expect My Rebate?

When Amazon marks the order as Complete, Sometimes that's the same day. Sometimes it's 12 - 24 hours. But still WAY better than mailing in a piece of paper and waiting 30-45 days, right? But we do have to wait for Amazon to do their thing first. So please be patient.