Photon Rejuvenation Wand How To Use & Best Practices (Video Content!)

Electroporacion facial machines have shown proven efficacy in radio frequency skin tightening over laser age spot removal pens & electric zit zappers by utilizing 3mhz ultrasonic photon light therapy on a derma wand with a face massager!



This red light therapy device have better lights than uber expensive led photon therapy masks and acts like a super concentrated face lifting machine when the RED light is activated when the BLUE light is activated it has shown effective for inflammation and acne!

Red Photon Therapy Blue Photon Therapy


ELECTRO FACIAL MACHINE ACNE ELECTRONIC ZAPPER is best used in conjunction with the Swiss Apple Stem Cell 3000 Serum by Swiss Botany for High Frequency Machine Anti-Aging benefits such as repairing damage over time reducing crows feet and facial massaging the tissue to restore former luster!

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum for Facial Restoration

laser acne treatment device using the BLUE light combined with Dragons Blood Anti Inflammatory Gel or Dragons Blood Facial Moisturizing Soap this setting shows greater benefits than most led light therapy face masks and produces a more focused effect than most acne scar light therapy machines!

Bio-Wave Therapy

LED skin light therapy device can only be turned on if you are touching one of the metal strips on the side when you touch the unit to your face. You may massage gels in with the wand, clean face thoroughly after using BLUE LIGHT mode a sticky residue on your face are the impurities pulled from your skin! 3 Year M.B. Warranty! (Best in the Industry!)