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Swiss Botany Swiss Apple Stem Cell 3000 Serum, Plant Stem Cells No Animal Products, Reduce Aging Signs Wrinkles + Discoloration, Restore Elasticity and Youthful Appearance, 1 fluid ounce, 2 Bottles

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  • Clarify skin and tackle the signs of aging before they get worse with Swiss Botany Swiss Apple Stem Cell 3000. This serum can assist with evening out your skin tone, reducing discoloration, and smoothing the natural fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging skin. It can even result in plumper looking skin, helping to counteract decreasing elasticity for a more youthful appearance.
  • This anti-aging serum should be used after cleansing your face, but before applying a moisturizer. On its own, it is not formulated to for substantial hydration. Choosing a moisturizer with minimum SPF 35 will help slow the aging process, and increase the effectiveness of the serum.
  • The stem cells used in this serum are plant-derived. No animal products or byproducts are used in Swiss Botany products, making them cruelty free and Vegan Friendly. As with any naturally-derived product, there is always a potential for reaction. Check the full list of ingredients before purchasing for possible allergen hazards.
  • This serum has a light, pleasant fragrance that dissipates quickly.
  • The Swiss Apple Stem Cell 3000 has been sealed for quality by the manufacturer. Do not use if the seal is broken upon receiving.