Lisandra's 4 in 1 Skincare Routine Testimony

Lisandra's 4 in 1 Skincare Routine Testimony

Introducing Lisandra, our fabulous brand Ambassador who’s falling rapidly in love with our skincare products.

In this testament, Lisandra takes us through her skincare routine with 4 of her favorite facial products from Swiss Botany.


So let’s get straight into it…

The 4 in 1 Skincare Routine

Before applying anything onto her face, cleanliness comes first for Lisandra.


She first:

  • Washes her face with a cleanser

  • Dries herself with a towel

  1. Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum

First, Lisandra applies the Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum onto her clean and dry face.


This Serum was designed to repair and rejuvenate the skin and also to help with blemishes.


With a few drops, she applies the Serum onto her forehead and cheeks.


She rubs the Serum all over her face making sure it’s evenly distributed around her skin.

  1. The Wrinkle Wand

After a few seconds, she uses the Wrinkle Wand to enable the skin to absorb the Serum even more.

  1. The Vitamin C Eye Gel

Next, Lisandra uses the Vitamin C Eye Gel to help with her dark circles.


She squeezed one pump of the Gel from its bottle and rubs it under and around her eyes.


The focus is mainly around the area where she wants the Gel to absorb the most.


And with the assistance of the Wand again, she adds to the absorption by rolling it under her eyes for deeper penetration.

  1. The Dragon’s Blood Gel

Lastly, Lisandra applies the Dragon’s Blood Gel.


The Dragon’s Blood Gel is a super tightening and moisturizing Gel that repairs dry and aging skin.


Squeezing just one pump from the bottle, Lisandra applies the Gel, again focusing on areas on her face that are more prone to wrinkles like the forehead, around the eyes, and even on the neck.


And again, she uses the Wand so that the Gel can absorb nicely into her skin.


Our Dragon’s Blood Gel is well known to prevent wrinkles and fine lines keeping you looking nice and smooth and youthful.


So just like that, Lisandra completes what she called, the easiest and fastest skincare routine she’s ever had to undergo.


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Watch Lisandra use her favorite skincare routine here

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