A Deeper Look into Collagen

A Deeper Look into Collagen

You’ve probably heard of collagen by now and how essential it is for our skin. However, you might not know why exactly it disappears as we age, nor how to combat this. We’ve done some research to find out what’s behind the scenes with collagen and what you can do to increase your levels for youthful skin again.

What Is It?

For those that don’t know, collagen is a protein found in our body. It’s responsible for helping and supporting bones, muscles, and last but certainly not least, the skin. It is so important for our body that it’s also the most abundant protein found in us. When it comes to skincare, collagen is one of three major components found in the skin. Collagen is responsible for strengthening the muscles, skin, and tissue, while the other two components work on elasticity of the skin and how much it can stretch.

Because the very role of collagen is to provide strength and structure to the skin, it’s obvious that without it, we’d be much less put together than we are now. The tightness, smoothness, and wrinkle-free appearance that we once had can all be taken away if our collagen levels are low. This can be turned into sagginess in the skin, visible fine lines and wrinkles, and loss of uprightness in the skin. It’s scary thinking about the damages our skin can go through if we don’t have enough collagen- and what’s worse is that many of us are experiencing a lack of collagen already.

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Why Does It Go Down?

Collagen comes from within our body and is produced by it directly. This means that we don’t necessarily have to look for external ways to acquire collagen. However, the unfortunate reality is that our body lacks in the efficiency of collagen production as we grow older. This means that we will still have some with us, but it’ll be much lower than how much we had when we were in our youth. While it’s a normal part of aging for the body to lose efficiency in certain processes, it’s definitely not helping us and can quickly and easily lead to more wrinkles.

How Do I Get More Collagen?

The best way to combat the loss of collagen in the body is simply to restore your levels through other means. If the body can’t give us what we’re looking for, it’s essential that we look for other ways to support our skin. One of the ways to boost collagen is by using our Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel. This product is natural, effective, and contains rare ingredients- all of which support collagen product and structure of the skin. As you use this gel, your body will increase in collagen levels and this will reflect on your appearance becoming wrinkle-free. You’ll also take advantage of other benefits like moisturization and hydration of the skin as well as protection from the harmful rays of the sun. We recommend you give this gel and try and see the benefits right in front of your eyes!

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