Bedtime Mistakes That Are Causing You Wrinkles

Bedtime Mistakes That Are Causing You Wrinkles

Sleep is a relaxing, peaceful time that can help us get rest and even remove stress, which can reduce wrinkles. However, it is important to remember to sleep properly so that you won’t form wrinkles. There are several bedtime mistakes that are causing you wrinkles that you may not know about. The good news is that there are precautions you can take to prevent your skin from gaining wrinkles while sleeping. Remember that every time you sleep, there is potential for your skin to form those pesky wrinkles.

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  1. You’re using sheets that are too rough. What’s the problem with coarse sheets as compared to silky ones? This can be a major issue for your skin and can result in the development of wrinkles. When we lie down in bed, our skin should be sliding through the sheets rather than being gripped by them. If they’re being gripped, then the skin is being pulled in a certain direction, and wrinkles can begin to form there if done every night.
  2. You’re sleeping face down. It can be a nice way to sleep, but it’s definitely not good for the smoothness of your skin. Sleeping face down can easily get you wrinkles that you weren’t expecting. When we’re face down, our skin is being pushed upward all night, without any break, which can make your face gain wrinkles. What’s worse is that our body weight is also pushing down on our skin, which means the pressure is really intense and can leave permanent marks. While it’s a common way to sleep, it should be avoided to reduce the risk of forming wrinkles.
  3. You’re pushing your face with your hands. Even if you’re not sleeping face down, you may still be stretching the skin with your hands. When we sleep with our hands against our face, the skin does not have anywhere to relax and is being pressured upward. This can result in marks and lines on your skin, which may end up being permanent if it’s done frequently. The sleeping position that corresponds to this is usually when we’re sleeping on our sides.


  1. Go for sheets that are soft and silky. Even if your sheets don’t feel coarse or rough, they can be like that on the skin. Always aim for sheets that are welcoming to the skin and very soft. Silk pillowcases or satin sheets can work great for allowing your skin to slide right through and not be pressured due to friction.
  2. Avoid sleeping face down. While there isn’t really much of a solution for sleeping face down, we find it’s best to just avoid it altogether rather than risking your skin health. Sleeping face down can be a quick and easy way to gain wrinkles, so preventing it would simply be to sleep in another position.
  3. Position yourself carefully. When sleeping with your hands against your face, make sure that your skin has space to move around and is not being stretched anywhere. This will ensure that your skin is protected from forming wrinkles, and you can even sleep on your side if you wish!
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