Dead Sea Mud Mask Vs Facial Peel Facts

Dead Sea Mud Mask Vs Facial Peel Facts

A lot of arguments have been raised on the benefits of the Dead Sea mud mask over the peel-off masks. In this informative guide, we are going to take you through the Dead Sea mud mask vs facial peel facts. This will help you make the right choice for your skin cleansing regimen.


Dead Sea Mud Mask Vs Facial Peel Facts

The Dead Sea Mud Mask

The Dead Sea Mud is collected from the Dead Sea, a body of water that is found between Israel and Jordan. The Dead Sea is popular for its miraculous features; one of the wonders harnessed from the salt water is the Mud. The mud from the Dead Sea is rich in natural nutrients washed into the sea from its surroundings.

The Dead Sea Mud contains a high amount of magnesium, calcium. Potassium and Sodium. Research Studies have shown that the use if the Dead Sea Mud by humans have so many health benefits. The Mud is known to have healing properties; it is used for relieving bodily ailments. Apart from its healing properties, the Dead Sea mud is also used to treat a wide range of skin problems. The mud is masked over the face and the body for the following benefits:

Skin Purification

The nutrients found in the Dead Sea mud mask can be used to purify the skin. The mud is used for detoxification of the skin, removal of dead skin cells, reduce the size of skin pores and enhance the appearance of the skin.

Skin Nourishment

The mud is used to nourish the skin and enhance the production of natural oil that the responsible for moisturizing the skin.

Treatment of Skin Disease

Skin Diseases like acne, eczema, and psoriasis can be treated using the Mud Mask. The mud is also used for the removal of cellulite from the skin.

Treatment of Hair Loss

The Dead Sea mud mask can be used to effectively prevent hair loss. When massaged into the scalp, the mud replenishes the hair food and oxygen in the scalp by relaxing the blood vessels responsible for the healthy growth of the hair.

The mud is used o treat the problems associated with hair loss too, like anxiety and scalp infections. Regular use of the mud will provide your scalp with the adequate nutrient require for healthy hair growth.


Removal of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The Dead Sea mud mask can be used to help reverse the actions of age on the skin. It is used to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin and reduce sagging.


Dead Sea Mud Mask Vs Facial Peel


The Peel-Off Mask

Peel off masks are skincare treatment masks used to remove dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells from the skin of the face. Peel off masks is made with ingredients like antioxidants, botanical extracts, and charcoal. There are used to cleanse the skin of the face and prepare it to receive other skin care treatments. There are also used to reduce pores and improve the complexion of the skin.

Dead Sea Mud Mask Vs Facial Peel Facts

The two methods of skin cleansing are effective for the removal of debris from the skin and replenishing the skin. But when compared to the peel off masks, the Dead Sea mud mask has more cleansing benefits, and it is a natural method of skin purification.

The peel-off masks have side effects on the skin. As the mask is peeled off, a layer of the skin and facial hairs goes with it. The peel strips the skin of natural oils found in the sebaceous filaments. This can lead to skin infections as these natural oils are responsible for protecting the skin from bacteria and infections.

Swiss Botany Dead Sea Mud Mask

You can now get pure Dead Sea mud Mask without having to travel all the way to the dead sea, with the Swiss Botany Dead Sea Mud Mask, you are sure of 100 organic mud mask with no additives.

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