Dermabrasion for Combatting Wrinkles

Dermabrasion for Combatting Wrinkles

Imagine if you could shed off unwanted wrinkles and regrow new skin in place of them. It sounds impossible, but there’s a method called dermabrasion that does exactly that. Dermabrasion is used to get rid of the top layers of skin so that new skin can surface and replace damages or wrinkles. While it seems like a useful treatment, it has its downsides. Read on to learn more about dermabrasion for combatting wrinkles.


The obvious benefit of dermabrasion is that it can help regrow your skin using a special type of surgery. Essentially you are sanding your skin so that the top layers are removed. Once you’ve shed enough skin, new skin will appear in that area. The new skin will form in place of the old skin and provide a clear appearance. Dermabrasion can also be conducted at home with certain kits available.


Dermabrasion is looked down upon by some people. The problem is that it peels your skin away unnaturally. Forcing your skin to shed layers and sanding it away is not a natural process of the body. Not to mention, the skin that surfaces after other layers are removed must heal first. For this reason, dermabrasion may not be the best choice when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles.

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Another problem with the dermabrasion technique is that it may ruin your skin depending on your skin type. Oftentimes, fair skin can tolerate dermabrasion due to its color. However, darker skin may be at risk of forming scars after the operation and they may even be permanent. This is why the technique isn’t the best choice since it can be a risk for certain types of skin and isn’t welcome for everyone.

Lastly, dermabrasion can be quite expensive. Treatments can range up to a thousand dollars for one session. This can also be discouraging if you’re looking to conduct dermabrasion routinely and want it done in many places of your body. Considering alternatives to dermabrasion can help you save some money as well.


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