Do Genes Determine Wrinkles?

Do Genes Determine Wrinkles?

Do Genes Determine Wrinkles?

While we’ve covered several topics like sun damage and smoking to be the cause of wrinkles, a common question comes up regarding our beginnings and if those are the real reasons that our skin is aged. Do genes determine wrinkles? There is some confusion and misconceptions about this subject, but we’ve done the research to help you figure out the true reason why you have wrinkles and how to remove them.


Genes are quite simple in the way that they work- our parents’ genes are combined to give us our own, unique set of qualities. These qualities are literally made up of our parent’s qualities, so certain traits to our parents have, we might end up having as well. People sometimes associate this with wrinkles- if they notice that their parents have excessive wrinkles then it might be convincing to believe that there is no avoiding wrinkles for their own skin. However, this isn’t necessarily how it works.

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Genetics do play a major role in the way develop and age, but they aren’t always the deciding factor for wrinkles or not. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency confidently suggests that while wrinkles may begin to form or increase due to our DNA build up, the majority of wrinkle formation is due to sun damage- up to 90%. And they aren’t wrong with this fact either, since excessive sun exposure can really be damaging to our skin and appearance. However, what they’re saying is that maybe we’re focusing on something not as relevant as other factors which can be worse causes for wrinkles.

Don’t underestimate our genes though. Genetics can determine when and how well we can produce collagen and elastin. Collagen is the protein which keeps our wrinkles away and gives our skin strength and structure, while elastin helps our skin gain elasticity and lets it stretch without losing its form. Therefore, the more your genes allow you to produce each protein, the better skin we’ll have. However, keep in mind that the major causes of our wrinkles are more significant than how much our genes can impact our skin.

The Bottom Line

While it’s true that genes do play a role in the formation of our wrinkles, the reality is that other factors are what are making the bigger difference. The EPA does a good job of showing us that while we’re not wrong to believe that our DNA is the cause of our aging signs, we might just be focusing on the wrong thing and giving significance to less important matters. Instead, what we should do is focus on the major causes of our wrinkles and come up with practical ways to prevent and remove wrinkles. Things like wearing protective sunscreen to shield ourselves from overexposure of the sun and avoiding smoking can both greatly impact our skin and help us get rid of those pesky wrinkles. Be proactive in prevention steps and focus on what matters when it comes to gaining a youthful appearance.

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