Factors That Can Affect Your Vitamin C Levels

Factors That Can Affect Your Vitamin C Levels

Vitamin C is, without a doubt, essential for your skin health. We’ve already covered how important vitamin C is for collagen production, which allows your skin to be tight and put together, but unfortunately, many people are lacking in their vitamin C content. There are many factors that can affect your vitamin c levels, but learning about them can help you avoid losing vitamin C and keeping your smooth and wrinkle-free skin.

The Role of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is helpful for a ton of things. Within skincare alone, it can benefit you in plenty of ways. Firstly, it encourages collagen production which is essential for your skin. It gives your skin structure and keeps it upright. The less collagen we have in our bodies, the likelier it is for us to form wrinkles. Unfortunately, as we age, our body becomes less efficient at producing collagen, leaving our skin saggy and with fine lines. However, boosting your vitamin C intake and application can help you regain your collagen content and help your skin become smooth again.

In addition to skincare, vitamin C is great for the growth and texture of your hair. It also ensures that your nails are growing properly and are not brittle or weak.

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Things That Cause Vitamin C Deficiency

A common reason that people have vitamin C deficiency is simply because they are not taking enough vitamin C. Sometimes we think that eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help keep our vitamin C levels high- but this isn’t always the case. We should always make sure to accompany with supplements and other products to vitamin C in our bodies.

Stress is also a known reason to experience vitamin depletion. If you’re stressed, you’re likely to lose essential vitamins like vitamin C. This can include things like work, traffic, and even sounds that are too loud. In addition to these factors, the environment around us can affect how much vitamin C our body has. Using certain medicines can impact it as well, and as our body changes, we may require more vitamin C than normal. If you’re inflicted with an illness, you need to make sure that you’re taking enough vitamin C. Lastly, smoking can not only diminish vitamin C content but also harm our body and cause more wrinkles to develop. All of these things are reasons that our body can lose vitamin C, and they should be paid attention to so that we can stay clear of losing too much of this important vitamin.

Need More Vitamin C?

A great way to gain the benefits of vitamin C is to use it topically. Not only will it penetrate deeply into your skin and enhance collagen production, but it will also help the surrounding areas on the skin. Using our Vitamin C Eye Gel, you’ll be able to enhance the skin around your eyes. The vitamin C will target any puffiness and wrinkles and help soothe them. You’ll notice a difference after applying consistently, and your fine lines will no longer appear. This gel is great for restoring your vitamin C levels and getting rid of wrinkles for good!

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