How to Moisturize Skin | Expert Tips

How to Moisturize Skin | Expert Tips


Moisturizers have been around for years. Even Cleopatra was said to bathe in milk to keep her skin soft, moisturized, and beautiful.

There are several reasons why. For one, moisturizers are known to increase the water content in the skin’s outermost layer, which relieves dryness.

They’re also known to fight signs of aging and help skin appear stronger and healthier.

However, with a plethora of moisturizers on the market today, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Continue reading for expert tips for dry, needy skin.


How to moisturize skin

After you take a shower and clean your face, you can then apply your favorite moisturizer. This is especially important to avoid your face drying out post-wash.

A high quality moisturizer will effectively hydrate the skin and seal moisture in.

Additionally, you can also use a face exfoliator to thoroughly clean and rid the face of any dirt or makeup and then apply a moisturizer to enable all-important nutrients to penetrate deep into your skin.

For a good guide and detailed illustration, watch Swiss Botany ambassador Tracey demonstrate the process in her favorite skincare routine.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to get your neck in your application as well for utmost balance and fairness.


How to moisturize your skin without product

There are lifestyle hacks that can help you naturally hydrate your skin and retain moisture.

These include:

  • frequent exercising
  • limiting alcohol consumption
  • reducing salt intake
  • eating foods high in water content, like watermelons, cucumber, and tomatoes
  • maintaining stress-reducing habits (stress is known to weaken the skin barrier which can cause it to dry)

Why Moisturization is Important

If you reside in a hot and dry place, your skin will tend to lose moisture more frequently. You will experience a lot of flakiness and dryness if you do not moisturize properly.

For some people, it doesn’t really matter where they live. They simply have super sensitive skin so that even spending a small amount of time in the sun can cause issues like breakouts.

Moisturizing your face helps to protect the skin’s barrier from both harsh environmental and non-environmental factors. It also helps to reduce the development of dryness or helps you to revive your skin from uncomfortable dryness.

This ensures your skin is well hydrated and achieves a natural capacity to hold water.


What to look for in a moisturizer

Moisturizers that come in lotions, creams, serums, and ointments are the primary method of treating dry skin.

It is important to look for moisturizers that contain:

  • hyaluronic acid
  • glycerin
  • ceramides
  • vitamin c

Hyaluronic acid is vital because it helps draw moisture from the environment to the skin for a superb moisturizing effect.

A great recommendation that contains both Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid is Swiss Botany’s Vitamin C Eye Gel Serum.

If your skin is drying out fast and producing wrinkles by the minute, try Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum and the Dragon’s Blood Gel. These two work amazingly well together to help achieve super-hydrated and wrinkle-free skin.



Although moisturizers are rarely associated with negative impacts, is it vital that you thoroughly check the full list of ingredients before purchasing for possible allergen hazards.

If you experience skin conditions such as acne or contact dermatitis, consult a dermatologist about what products may be right for your skin.



Without a doubt, using moisturizers can help the skin retain moisture, rid you of dryness, and protect against environmental or external factors.   

Therefore, choose a product designed for your skin type and be on your journey to feeling and looking beautiful with your healthy glowing skin!

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