Melanin Can Protect You from UV Damage

Melanin Can Protect You from UV Damage

Melanin is produced naturally in our bodies and is essential for gaining complexion. But there are more features to melanin than just giving us color. Research shows that melanin can protect you from UV damage caused by the sun. Read on to learn more about how you melanin content is keeping you safe from wrinkles.  

What is Melanin?

Ever wonder why your skin has a certain complexion? It’s due to colored pigments called melanin that is found in your skin. Melanin is the reason your skin turns out fair or dark. The way it works is that the more melanin we have in our skin, the darker our complexion will be. Likewise, the less we have of it, the fairer our skin will turn out. Whichever amount we have in our skin, melanin production is a natural process that takes place in the body. Other than giving us color, melanin also has other properties which can result in a decrease of wrinkles on our skin.

Roles of Melanin

As already mentioned, melanin is the reason we have color in our skin. However, there is much more to it than just how we look. The melanin content inside of our skin can protect us from harmful toxins like the sun’s UV rays. This can help us prevent wrinkles from forming on our skin.

Balancing Rock Formation

UV stands for ultraviolet and they are rays that are produced from the sun. The clouds and atmosphere can block most of the rays that shine, but the amount that does make it to our skin can be very damaging. What happens is that UV rays penetrate into our skin and target melanin directly. This can cause damage in the skin and leaves behind fine lines and wrinkles. The more you’re exposed to the sun, the higher chance you have of gaining sun damage.

However, the melanin can protect from sun damage by absorbing the rays that try to cause wrinkles. While our skin is protected from getting wrinkles, the melanin content may increase or become darker. This will show up on our skin as a darker complexion. That’s why if you’ve ever been in the sun for long and have freckles, you’ll notice them a little darker than they were before going out.

Maintain Protection

Since melanin is essential for the protection of your skin, you may want to increase your amounts just to be safe in the sun. There are several ways to impact your melanin content, like increasing vitamin A, E, and C intake, and consuming enough antioxidants. These tips can help you keep your skin protected for longer.

Sometimes, however, increasing in melanin content isn’t favored and someone may want to take an alternate route for protection. In this case, an easy and effective solution is to simply use a strong sunscreen. Our natural Anti-Aging Day Protect SPF 22 can be the perfect solution for your protection needs, as it’ll be an effective barrier between your skin and the sun. You won’t have to increase your melanin content and will simply need to apply some before you go outside. In addition to protecting your skin, it can also repair any damaged areas and even hydrate the skin as added benefits. We recommend trying out this sunscreen to keep your skin smooth and youthful.

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