Moisturize the Skin Around Your Eyes

Moisturize the Skin Around Your Eyes

Oftentimes when moisturizing our skin, we might forget an important part of our face – the skin around our eyes. It’s important to pay special attention to that area for many reasons. There are also proper ways of doing so by using effective products. Learn why you should moisturize the skin around your eyes and how to properly do so for achieving the best skin.

Reasons to Moisturize the Skin

There are several reasons that moisturization is emphasized on the skin. Firstly, if you’ve ever had dry skin, you’ve likely experienced white flakes on your skin. This is common with dry skin and can be very annoying and unappealing. While they are harmless, they are clearly visible to others and can make our skin seem like it is unhealthy. You might also notice that your skin looks dull when it isn’t moisturized. This is because hydration of the skin helps brighten and restore the skin- but no moisture will make it dark and gloomy.

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Having skin that lacks moisture also means just feeling uncomfortable. As with the white flakes, they can feel rough as well. Your skin isn’t smooth anymore and can even become patchy, so the feeling that comes along with dry skin isn’t a fun one. Your skin is lacking in nutrients when it’s dehydrated and that is easily noticeable by others. Probably the worst thing that can happen if your skin becomes dry is that it starts to develop wrinkles. Wrinkles can develop in many places, so having to deal with them all at once can become overwhelming and even expensive.  

Moisturization Around the Eyes

Now that you know why it’s so important to keep your skin moisturized, it’s time to talk about why the skin around your eyes is even more important to keep hydrated. The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the skin on your face. It also doesn’t have any oil glands to help keep the skin moist.  This can be challenging since our eyes then have fewer nutrients and more prone to bags and wrinkly skin. You must pay special attention to hydrate the skin around your eyes to avoid forming wrinkles.

There are also pores under are eyes that are smaller than other parts of our skin. The term Milia describes these white heads and they form due to blocked pores. They are whiteheads but aren’t like pimples because they don’t turn red or become inflamed. The skin needs cleansing and proper moisturization to combat Milia and maintain healthy skin.

To properly moisturize your skin, use specialized products like our Vitamin C Eye Gel. Not only does this product provide effective moisturization, but it also nourishes the skin with vitamin C – an important ingredient for getting rid of wrinkles. This product will keep your skin hydrated and youthful. Make sure to try our Skin Therapy Ionic Wrinkle Wand along with the gel so that your skin can absorb it easily and efficiently.


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