Natural Anti Aging Face Mask: 7 You Need to be Using And Why

Natural Anti Aging Face Mask: 7 You Need to be Using And Why

7 Anti Aging Face Masks You Need to be Using

Looking for natural products to use for your facial care? Here are 7 natural anti aging face masks you need to be using and you may already have in the kitchen!

As you age, your skin gets rougher, dryer, and looser. That opens the door for visible signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

You can combat the natural process of aging with natural remedies. Face masks rehydrate, exfoliate, and fortify your skin against those signs of aging.

Dumping anti aging chemicals on your face can further dry and harm your skin. What natural ingredients should you look for in an anti aging face mask instead?

Whether you want to buy a facemask or go the DIY route, choose ingredients for the results you want. Know if you want extra moisture or an antioxidant boost to help you choose a mask.

Keep reading to learn which natural anti aging face mask can help your skin.

Avocado Anti Aging Face Mask

avocado face mask

Free radicals age your skin by attacking the strength of your cells. One study found that avocado oil can improve your skin's resistance to free radicals.

Antioxidants in avocados also fight free radicals. This stops the development of more wrinkles if you use a face mask regularly.

The oils in avocado are moisturizing. It can rehydrate your skin and lock in that moisture to rejuvenate and prevent further dehydration.

People combine avocado with all types of other natural ingredients for masks that claim everything from anti-aging to anti-acne. When choosing one, look for gentle exfoliants, like coffee grounds, or other moisturizers, like coconut oil.

Cucumber Masks

Cucumbers are a powerhouse of skin benefits, packing in the antioxidants when you need a boost. Their antioxidants and vitamins treat everything from wrinkles to dark spots.

Antioxidants fight sun damage and wrinkles in addition to free radicals. As you age, your skin has fewer antioxidants.

Cucumbers replenish antioxidants like vitamin K, which fights under eye dark circles. They also have vitamin B-5, which helps your skin hold on to moisture.

Cucumbers are high in silica, which is a major wrinkle fighter. Plus, they soothe your skin irritation.

Blend them in a mask at home, or find a cucumber mask at the store for a cleaner anti aging face mask.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

dead sea mud mask

Dead sea mud has skin benefits that make it a great anti aging face mask for rejuvenation.

Dead sea mud tightens the skin to increase blood flow to your skin cells. Increased blood flow smooths fine lines and wrinkles.

For dry, dull skin, dead sea mud hydrates and rejuvenates the skin by locking in moisture.

As it dries, the mud pulls toxins out of your skin. It encourages skin to absorb the good stuff, like vitamins, proteins, and minerals, through its dead cell layer.

When you use a dead sea mud mask, other masks become more effective. 

Since dead sea mud comes from the dead sea, you can't make it at home. Check out our dead sea mud mask instead.

It's 99.75% dead sea mud and 0.25% natural preservative. That's as close as it can get to being completely pure.

Carrot Masks

It may sound unconventional, but carrots effectively fight wrinkles. They're high in antioxidants, so they can fight off those free radicals for you.

They have a lot of vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes healthier skin by improving skin healing and reducing wrinkles.

As you age, your skin needs that health boost more than it needs fewer wrinkles. Since it looses antioxidants that help it heal and stay healthy, an anti aging face mask is necessary for its health.

Homemade carrot mask recipes are labor-intensive, requiring you to boil carrot juice with ingredients like cornstarch and sour cream. If you're short on time, look for pre-made masks that contain carrot.

Banana Masks

Bananas are another powerhouse of antioxidants. They're rich in vitamin E, which reduces the appearance of fine lines.

They're high in vitamin A, like carrots, so they reduce wrinkles.

Bananas also contain vitamin B-6, which is not an antioxidant. Vitamin B-6 keeps skin from becoming dry and brittle over time, offering a great back-up to your moisturizing efforts.

Banana is a hard ingredient to find in store-bought masks.

For a homemade anti aging face mask, combine two bananas with your friend, the avocado. Blend it up and add some oatmeal for a light exfoliant.

This combination exfoliates dead skin away while moisturizing what's underneath. Plus, it fights wrinkles and fine lines.

Aloe Vera for Anti Aging

While aloe vera has many skin benefits, it's particularly good at fighting wrinkles.

As skin loses elasticity, it starts to sag. Sagging skin then causes wrinkles and new skin folds.

Aloe vera improves skin elasticity by pushing your skin to produce more collagen. More collagen reduces the number of wrinkles you'll develop.

There are recipes for homemade masks with aloe vera gel, but you have to specially buy the gel. It's easier to purchase an anti aging face mask that best combines aloe vera with other ingredients.

Honey Masks

Your skin gets more sensitive as you age. Honey is a gentle treatment to refresh your skin without damaging it.

Your skin gets rougher as you age because it sheds dead skin cells slower. Exfoliation helps with this, but you shouldn't rub harsh exfoliants on sensitive skin.

Honey acts as a gentle exfoliant. It pulls some dead skin cells away and encourages your skin to increase the rate of shedding.

After a honey treatment, your skin will shed more of the dead skin cells on its own.

Honey is also great for moisturization because it pulls in water from your environment. You should always mix it with another moisturizing agent, like avocado or coconut oil, so it doesn't pull moisture out of your skin.

To Wrap Up

Nature provides you with all of the ingredients you need for an anti aging face mask. Starting these treatments early will help you fight appearances of aging as you get older.

Your lifestyle also affects how your skin ages. You should apply sunscreen daily, drink lots of water, and get proper sleep for the best anti aging.

An anti aging face mask is the perfect way to add more antioxidants and moisture to your skin, though. Do a couple of masks a week for the best results.

If you want more help with anti aging and skin care, contact us


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