Penile Health Tips - Top 5 Penis Issues Addressed

Penile Health Tips - Top 5 Penis Issues Addressed

How Much Do You Know About The Region Under Your Belt? Do You Want To Keep Your Sexual Life Hale And Hearty? Grab A Sit As We Bring You Penile Health Tips - Top 5 Penis Issues Addressed In This Informative Article. Learn More About Your Big Guy Down There And Know How To Care For It, 


Penile Health From Swiss Botany


You Need To Use Your Penis Regularly

For your penis to always be in shape, you need to have erections regularly. If you want your penis to function well, you need to exercise the muscles.

To always maintain good penile health, the muscles of the penis must get regular oxygen that comes from the rush of blood that fills the penis.

Most men do not understand this principle and suffer erectile dysfunction that comes with an extended period of inactivity. Although the body regularly refreshes the penis through the automatic penile rejuvenation carried out by the brain (this is why you get hard when you sleep), you need to be sexually active for you’re to efficiently function.

Your Size Does Not Depend On the Flaccid State


Penile Health From Swiss Botany

Your penile size does not depend on its flaccid state. The relationship between the flaccid penis and the full erect length is very different. Research has proven that the increase from the flaccid to the erect size of the penis ranges from less than a quarter-inch to about 4 inches longer.

So you should not panic and search for penile enlargement remedies if your flaccid state differs from your erect state as this is normal and not a problem.

You can only seek penile enlargement when the difference between your flaccid state and the erect state is minute, and the overall size is small.

Your Penis May Not Be Your Pleasure Zone

Many men have this Misconception about the penis; they think that the underside of the penis head and under its shaft lays the most sensitive part of the penis.

However, researchers have proven that the erotic sensitivity does not only lie on the parts of the penis. Another part of the male body that is sensitive to sexual pleasure is the nipples, the neck, and even the scrotum.

If you can discover the most sensitive parts of your body, this will help improve your sexual life and overall health.


Penile Sensitivity Goes Down With Time


Penile Health From Swiss Botony


The older you grow, the less sensitive your penis will become. Although it is difficult to tell how much sensitivity the penis losses with age, studies have shown that there is a substantial loss in sensitivity as men grow older.

This is why it is advised you make use of Swiss Botany Penile Health Cream  that increases the sensitivity of the penis to help improve your sexual health.

You Penile Region Is Alive

Most men don’t realize this, but the skin of the penis is a host to several communities of bacteria. You need to start taking that region seriously if you want it to always be in excellent condition.

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