Sleep Better Tonight: Magnesium Oil Sprays Compared

Sleep Better Tonight: Magnesium Oil Sprays Compared

When it comes to addressing sleep issues, muscle cramps, and overall relaxation, Magnesium Oil Sprays are top choices.

However, there are two unique variations: the Pure Magnesium Oil Spray and the Topical Magnesium Oil Spray with Aloe Vera.

Understanding the differences between these two products can help you make an informed decision on which is best for you.

What is Magnesium Oil?

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First things first, let's clear up a common misconception: despite its name, magnesium oil isn’t an actual oil.

It's a solution of magnesium chloride flakes dissolved in water.

When applied to the skin, it may feel slightly oily until it dries.

This solution is highly effective for magnesium absorption, which is crucial for numerous bodily functions.

Why Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium plays a vital role in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, including muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation.

Many people are magnesium deficient, which can lead to issues such as insomnia, muscle cramps, and anxiety.

Topical application allows for direct absorption into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

Common Issues with Magnesium Oil Sprays

Before diving into the specifics of Swiss Botany's products, it’s essential to address some common issues users face with magnesium oil sprays in general:

  • Dry Skin: Some users experience dried out skin after application.
  • No Effect: Others report no noticeable improvement.
  • Irritation: Burning, stinging, and itching are common complaints.
  • Greasy or Sticky Residue: A film or sticky feeling on the skin can be off-putting.
  • Packaging Problems: Leaking bottles and broken pumps are frequent issues.

Your Preferences

Despite these issues, users look for products that help them:

  • Sleep Through the Night: Effective magnesium oil sprays help users drift off easily and stay asleep.
  • Reduce Muscle Cramps: Many users find relief from restless legs and muscle cramps.
  • Non-Irritating: The best products don’t cause burning or stinging.
  • Absorb Quickly: A quick-drying, non-greasy formula is highly desirable.
  • Deodorant Use: Some prefer using magnesium oil as a natural deodorant.

Swiss Botany's Pure Magnesium Oil Spray

swissbotany Health & Personal Care Swiss Botany Pure Magnesium Oil Spray - (12 OZ /355 ML | Long-Lasting Pure Magnesium Oil | USP Grade, Free from Unhealthy Trace Minerals | Includes Free eBook

Ingredients: This spray contains a high concentration of magnesium chloride sourced from the ancient Zechstein seabed. It’s known for its purity and effectiveness.


  • High Absorption: The pure formula ensures maximum absorption.
  • Effective for Muscle Cramps: Users report significant relief from leg cramps and muscle soreness.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Many find that it helps them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
  • Simple Application: Spray directly onto the skin and massage in for best results.


  • Potential Dryness: Some users might experience skin dryness. It’s advisable to moisturize after application.
  • Initial Tingling: A tingling sensation may occur on the first few uses but usually subsides with consistent use.

Swiss Botany's Topical Magnesium Oil Spray with Aloe Vera

Swiss Botany Health & Personal Care Topical Magnesium Spray with Aloe Vera for Stress Relief & Anxiety - USP Grade Pure Magnesium Oil Spray - Aloe Vera Magnesium Spray for Sleep - 12 Fl Oz

Ingredients: This variation includes aloe vera, which is known for its soothing and moisturizing properties.


  • Gentle on Skin: The addition of aloe vera helps mitigate the drying effect of magnesium chloride.
  • Calming Sensation: Aloe vera provides a soothing effect, reducing the likelihood of irritation.
  • Dual Purpose: Acts as both a magnesium supplement and a skin moisturizer.
  • Effective for Restless Legs and Sleep: Users have noted improvements in both areas.


  • Slightly Lower Magnesium Concentration: Due to the added aloe vera, the magnesium concentration might be slightly lower than the pure version, but it’s still highly effective.
  • Potential Stickiness: Some users may find the aloe vera formulation a bit sticky until fully absorbed.

Key Differences

  1. Skin Sensitivity: If you have sensitive skin or are prone to dryness, the Topical Magnesium Oil Spray with Aloe Vera might be a better choice due to its soothing properties.

  2. Absorption Speed: The Pure Magnesium Oil Spray is designed for quick absorption, which can be beneficial for those needing rapid relief from cramps or sleeplessness.

  3. Dual Benefits: The aloe vera variant not only provides magnesium but also hydrates the skin, making it a multifunctional product.

How to Use Magnesium Oil as a Sleep Aid

For optimal sleep benefits, apply magnesium oil to the bottom of your feet before bed.

This method is particularly effective because the feet have large pores that aid in quick absorption.

You can also spray it on other areas like the arms, legs, or stomach, but ensure you massage it in well.

Addressing Your Concerns

It’s important to remember that consistent use over several weeks is key to experiencing the full benefits of magnesium oil.

Your body will absorb only the amount of magnesium it needs, so patience and regular application are crucial.

If you experience dryness, pair your magnesium oil routine with a good moisturizer like the Dragon's Blood Gel or Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum


Both Swiss Botany's Pure Magnesium Oil Spray and Topical Magnesium Oil Spray with Aloe Vera offer unique benefits.

The Pure version is highly effective for rapid absorption and relief, while the Aloe Vera variant provides additional skin-soothing properties.

Understanding your specific needs and skin type will help you choose the right product.

Whether you're seeking better sleep, relief from muscle cramps, or a natural deodorant, Swiss Botany's magnesium oil sprays are excellent choices to consider.

Want to learn more about Swiss Botany's Magnesium Oil Spray? Download the free eBook here

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