Soothe Your Skin: 5 Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Soothe Your Skin: 5 Natural Remedies for Rosacea

5 Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Looking for a natural solution to treat and soothe your rosacea? Here are 5 amazing natural remedies for rosacea that you may not know.

Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Rosy cheeks can look charming on a young child or a blushing bride. But if you suffer from rosacea, your red cheeks quickly become a nuisance. 

Rosacea can make your skin dry and itchy. For some folks, it can be embarrassing to always have bright red cheeks. 

Perhaps you've tried using some creams or lotions for your skin. But the chemicals and unnatural ingredients in these products can often make rosacea worse. This leaves many rosacea sufferers feeling hopeless.

If this has been your experience, we have good news for you. There are several natural remedies for rosacea that you can use to relieve your irritated skin. 

These natural remedies will not only clear up your rosacea. They will also improve the overall health of your skin. Let's take a closer look at some of our favorite remedies. 

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin condition that typically affects people 30 and older. Experts don't know exactly what causes the condition.

Rosacea appears to be a form of skin irritation that disproportionately affects people with fair skin.  In some cases, it also runs in families. 

For most people, the main symptom of rosacea is dry, red, itchy skin on the face. Some patients also get small, acne-like bumps. Others complain of dry and itchy eye.

Because no one is sure what exactly causes rosacea, there's also no clear cure for it. But there are several approaches to managing the symptoms. 

Aloe Vera: One of the Best Natural Remedies for Rosacea and other Skin Conditions

aloevera for Rosacea

Aloe vera is a sort of miracle plant. For instance, if you've ever used a sunburn treatment, it probably contained aloe vera. 

People have been using aloe for years for both its anti-aging and soothing properties. These properties also make aloe vera one of our favorite natural remedies for rosacea. 

There are several ways to apply aloe vera. Most pharmacies will sell a soothing aloe vera gel that you can apply to your irritated skin. 

Other folks prefer to use an aloe plant. Simply break the leaf open, and spread the liquid inside over the affected areas. 

You can even eat aloe vera to promote skin health. Drinking one teaspoon of aloe juice a day can help your skin heal. 


You might be thinking that the last thing you want to do is rub sticky honey on your irritated skin. In reality, honey has a lot of amazing benefits for your skin. 

The most important way honey treats rosacea is by helping your skin retain moisture. This provides relief to dry skin. Also, unlike many lotions and skin creams, it won't make your skin feel oily. 

Honey also has a lot of healing properties. This can help restore your skin if you've developed any scars from scratching at the rosacea-affected areas. 

To use honey for your rosacea, simply massage about a teaspoon of honey into the affected area. Let the honey rest on your skin for about twenty minutes. Then, use warm water to rinse it off.

Repeat this routine nightly until you begin to see results. 

Green Tea

Green tea is another one of those natural remedies for rosacea that has many restorative properties. For example, any doctors recommend drinking green tea because of its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Drinking green tea can be good for your skin. That said, you can see more immediate results by applying it topically. 

Start by making a cup of green tea, and leaving it in the refrigerator to cool for about 30 minutes. Then, soak a cotton cloth in the cool tea, and apply the cloth to the affected areas of skin.

The anti-inflammatory properties of green tea that help it settle your stomach will also help sooth your skin. You may even notice immediate relief when you apply the tea. For the best results, repeat this process nightly. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another one of our favorite natural remedies for rosacea is apple cider vinegar. In addition to being delicious, apple cider vinegar also has important healing properties. 

Apple cider vinegar is another example of a rosacea remedy that you can either ingest or apply topically. To drink the apple cider vinegar, mix one teaspoon into one cup of water. This helps balance the pH levels in your body. 

Adding some honey can improve the taste a bit. Not to mention, honey also has restorative properties, as we discussed earlier. 

To use apple cider vinegar topically, make a solution of 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for every 4 tablespoons of water. Then, soak a rag in this solution for about ten minutes. You should then apply the rag to the affected area for ten minutes.

This approach will help exfoliate your skin. This will remove the irritated, dry, and itchy skin, and bring relief. 

Lifestyle changes

Not all of the natural remedies for rosacea are specific things to eat or apply to your skin. Another approach to treating the condition is making a series of lifestyle changes. 

Stress can have a lot of negative health effects on the body. These can include muscle soreness, anxiety, and digestive problems.

Stress can also cause inflammation, which leads to rosacea. For this reason, managing your stress can actually help get rosacea under control. 

One approach to relieving stress is engaging in activities like meditation or yoga. Even spending a few minutes a day on these mind-body activities can help reduce stress significantly. Additionally, getting a good night's sleep is essential. 

Many people don't realize that a bad diet can also exacerbate the effects of stress. Processed foods or foods heavy in sugar and fat can make you feel tired and sluggish. They can also worsen skin conditions. 

To improve your diet, add in some fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also many anti-inflammatory foods you can incorporate, like turmeric, ginger, garlic, and onions. 

Whatever natural remedies for rosacea you try, remember to be patient. It takes the body time to heal. 

Have you used natural remedies for rosacea? What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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