Stressed? It Might Leave Behind Wrinkles

Stressed? It Might Leave Behind Wrinkles

You may be doing everything right to treat your wrinkles- you’re using a daily moisturizer, anti-aging products, and an effective sunscreen to protect from any damage from the sun. However, are you constantly stressed? It might leave behind wrinkles. Learn about common stress factors and how to reduce them so that you can preserve your skin from gaining aging signs.

What Happens When You Become Stressed?

Daily things in your life can be causing you stress, sometimes without you even knowing it. Things like work, financial hardship, family, or even mood can cause you to become stressed. However, what exactly happens inside the body when we’re having these feelings? Lots of changes occur in several different places in the body. Firstly, stress is the result of being in a difficult situation, and your body will respond to it a certain way. Your hormones will begin to change, your breathing might become increased, and your nervous system can make you react with different expressions. Your heart may beat faster and you may begin to sweat, depending on the situation.

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Now imagine these sorts of symptoms and bodily changes on a regular basis- it can certainly affect your body up to the point where you begin to form wrinkles. But how exactly does that work? When you begin to stress, a hormone called ‘cortisol’ is released from your body. This hormone can cause damage to the collagen in your skin, and this is primarily what causes wrinkles. Collagen is the very structure in our skin which prevents wrinkles, and the less we have of it, the more wrinkles will form on our skin. Therefore, if cortisol is produced more often, more collagen will be broken down and will damage the skin with aging signs.

Prevention Techniques

There are several things you can do to prevent the breakdown of collagen from stress. Firstly, focus on relaxing yourself and reducing your stress. Trying to find ways to keep your body calm will make it produce less cortisol, which will in turn help preserve the amount of collagen you have in your body. You can look into massages, relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation, or even implement some life changes. This will help you reduce the amount of cortisol being released and keep your skin full of collagen.

Other methods to prevent a lack of collagen is to simply restore your collagen levels with products that contain a good amount of it. Products like our Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel can help you regain collagen using a rare ingredient ‘dragon’s blood’. This ingredient is known for ancient healing benefits and can be used to reduce aging signs. Using this gel daily and implementing it in your morning routine can help you gain smoother, clearer skin in no time without having to worry about the day’s troubles.


Stress is a part of daily life for many people but can be combatted using the proper techniques. This can be a cause for wrinkles, but looking into relaxation methods and effective products can avoid the problem altogether. Be sure to take care of your health and body to keep aging signs away for longer.

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