The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of artificial fillers

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of artificial fillers

Artificial fillers are a popular treatment that’s blowing up the skincare industry these days. However, you might find yourself coming across conflicting views of Artificial fillers. There is a lot to know about the good, the bad, and the ugly of Artificial fillers treatments. We’ve gone over the essentials so that you can make the right decision regarding Artificial fillers treatments and better treat your wrinkles.

The Good

It’s no surprise that Artificial fillers do what they are advertised to do- it effectively get rid of wrinkles. The treatment is quite simple and may be preferred by people due to its results and popularity. Artificial fillers leave your skin tighter, wrinkle-free, and clear of any fine lines. Your appearance is noticeably youthful and smooth.

The Bad

Despite the outward benefits of Artificial fillers, not many people go through how it actually works. Artificial fillers are a drug that is injected into the skin which is used specifically for weakening muscles. They were originally used to treat medical conditions and heal the body, but now they're being used to weaken the muscles that are found underneath our skin so that wrinkle production is slowed down. This process is forceful to the body and very unnatural - the treatment requires us to halt a natural process of the body through a drug. The drug is also not natural and was only used for medical treatments before. It’s clear that Artificial fillers can get controversial at this point because of the reality of what takes place during these treatments.

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The Ugly

There is more to it than the forceful injection of drugs into the skin. Artificial fillers aren’t a long-term treatment.  The effects of Artificial fillers aren’t forever lasting as many people think they are. They may wear off in just a few months, and the wrinkles will all come back. So, in addition to Artificial fillers being unnatural and halting the body to stop its natural aging process, it may also need to be injected again as we continue to age. This can become pricey and time-consuming, especially if the treatments we’re looking for are simple yet effective. This is yet another disappointment about Artificial fillers which shows its true reality.

Looking for Another Way Out?

If you still want to get rid of your wrinkles and fine lines but don’t want to take the Artificial fillers route, we totally get it. We understand that you want to take care of your skin the natural way, which is why we’ve introduces several products to not only replace Artificial fillers, but surpass it in their abilities to combat aging. Our Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel is known as the famous natural alternative to Artificial fillers. It works just as effectively but uses a rare ingredient to enhance the skin, called “Dragon’s Blood”. This ingredient is unique and very beneficial for the skin. In addition to clearing the skin of wrinkles, it also provides healing properties and nourishes your skin with hydration and smooth texture. Try this product and see how effective it is as compared to Artificial fillers.

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