The Many Roles of Collagen

The Many Roles of Collagen

Collagen is great for your skin because it gives it structure and keeps it from forming wrinkles. As we grow older, however, we lose our collagen supply and have a harder time retaining it. This can be detrimental to our skin health as well as other parts of our body. There are many roles of collagen and they are all important for us, therefore we should renew our collagen supply regularly.

Skin Health

As already mentioned, collagen is necessary for your skin health. In fact, it makes up the majority of our skin and is the most abundant protein in our body. The specific role of collagen in our skin is that it keeps our skin structured. The protein is so essential for our skin that if we didn’t have it, our skin would be droopy and saggy. Because of collagen, our skin stays tight and together.

If you have saggy skin, however, then you probably guessed what the problem was- you likely have a lack of collagen. It doesn’t mean that your body’s supply is completely out, but it can definitely mean that you aren’t producing as much you used to. This is a result of the natural aging process and shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. However, it doesn’t feel pleasant having less collagen and noticeable wrinkles on our skin. To combat this, simply intake more collagen every day. Collagen can be taken topically like through our Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel, which will help our body produce more of it. In fact, making this part of your daily routine can promote collagen production and help your body remove its sagginess in no time.

Pain Reliever

Looking for a natural pain reliever? Collagen does that too! More specifically, collagen is responsible for keeping our cartilage intact so that our joints are able to move without hurting themselves. However, as the cartilage wears down, our joints lose protection and we may be at risk of developing bone diseases like arthritis. Instead of having to suffer from joint pain and inflammation, look for ways to increase your collagen supply. This will keep your joints safe and comfortable.

Keeps the Heart Healthy

Once again, the main benefit of collagen is that it gives us structure. But this isn’t only limited to the skin or joints. Collagen also provides structure to our arteries which are responsible for carrying blood from our heart to our body. If we don’t have enough collagen, our arteries may become weak and be deficient in carrying blood properly. This can lead to heart diseases and a weak body. However, if we keep our collagen levels up and take a regular supply, our arteries will also remain strong and continue their job of proving blood to our body.


Collagen has many functions in our body that go beyond keeping our skin looking youthful. It also keeps our heart healthy and can relieve joint pain. Making sure that your collagen supply is high is key to looking youthful and staying healthy all around.

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