The Origin of Dragon’s Blood

The Origin of Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s blood is a beneficial ingredient that is used in the skincare industry very heavily due to its many features. While it’s very popular today, we didn’t have it around all the time. The origin of dragon’s blood dates back to the 15th century when people were just discovering the plant. Knowing about the history of dragon’s blood will help you appreciate it more as you find it in your products and remember how far it has come as a healing plant.

The Very Beginning

Dragon’s blood started around the 15th century when voyagers in the Canary Islands were extracting some of the ingredient. Dragon’s blood is extracted as sap from a tree known as “dragon’s blood”. “Sangre de Dragon” is what it is referred to as in Spanish and means the same thing. The tree is also found in South America as well as Morocco. It is very unique in its appearance due to its heart-shaped leaves and tall features. The dragon’s blood itself comes out as a red sap and can do wonders for the body!

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Uses and Features

The dragon’s blood ingredient was known to the early peoples as a healing medicine. When they first discovered it, it would be used to heal the body from wounds, strengthen the inner systems, and even help defend the body against diseases or bacteria. It was clear that this ingredient had lots of potential because of how well it worked for everyone, and now we see it being used in the skincare industry today.

How Is It Used Today?

Within skincare, dragon’s blood is much more than a healer. Dragon’s blood plays several roles in the protection and formation of the skin and prevention of wrinkles. Firstly, it is an effective moisturizer to the skin, which is essential for avoiding wrinkles. If your skin is dry or lacks hydration, then it’ll be more susceptible to forming fine lines and wrinkles. However, using ingredients like dragon’s blood can help you repair and restore your skin’s hydration so that it is smooth and wrinkle free for longer.

There is also a useful and unique property that comes with dragon’s blood- it acts as a second layer of skin as ultimate protection from harm. This is often a surprising feature of the ingredient since it feels smooth and natural on the skin yet acts as another shield of protection for the skin. You’ll find lots of benefit in this as it’ll make sure that your natural skin won’t be harmed or damaged and will instead defer any harm away.

Lastly, the dragon’s blood effectively aids in collagen production. Collagen is the very protein that structures our skin and gives it strength; without it, we’d be saggy and disorganized. As we grow older, our body becomes less efficient in collagen production. Using a collagen booster like dragon’s blood can help your skin regain that strength that it once had and keep the skin tight and structured. If you’re ready to use dragon’s blood to enhance your skin’s protection and health, then be sure to try our Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel!

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