The Secret Behind Licorice for Skin Brightening

The Secret Behind Licorice for Skin Brightening

Licorice is a fun, sweet ingredient that is used in many foods and candies today. While it is often thought of as a candy, it can also be used in a variety of ways to help your body. In fact, not many people know about the secret behind licorice for skin brightening. This unique ingredient contains special properties that not only give it a sweet flavor- but that can brighten your skin as well! Use licorice to achieve that summer glow that you’re looking for and achieve radiance on your skin!

The History of Licorice

Licorice has a vast history of being used in many areas, among many different groups. There is evidence of the plant being used by ancient civilizations for a variety of reasons. For example, licorice was often used in the earliest of times as a medicine for things like allergies, inflammation, and even keeping hydrated. As the plant became more popular, it was used towards all sorts of things. In fact, during the 13th century licorice extract was starting to be used by the Europeans to sweeten their breads and cakes before being discovered as a skin brightening agent. It was also made into a drink and consumed recreationally and for medical purposes. Modern day science, however, shows that it contains properties to lighten your skin in addition to using it for leisure and the many medical benefits it holds.  

Benefits of Licorice

While licorice works great for removing chest congestion, improving your general health, and even satisfying your sweet tooth, research shows that it can enhance your skin by brightening it. Specifically, licorice extract contains an ingredient known as Glabridin, which is extremely beneficial for lightening your skin.  It is the main ingredient and does wonders for your skin. The role of Glabridin involves inhibiting melanin growth, resulting in fewer colored pigments in your skin. This means that your skin will be lighter, brighter, and much more appealing after the licorice extract has been applied onto it.

Something that isn’t well-known about Glabridin in licorice extract is that it is 1,000 times more powerful than vitamin C. Vitamin C is found in lemons, which is a food that is commonly used for skin lightening, and it produces effective results. Therefore, using licorice extract to reap the lightening benefits of Glabridin is extremely beneficial for your skin and effective.

A popular product that contains both the beneficial element Glabridin found in licorice extract as well as another well-known skin brightening agent is our Natural Skin Brightener with Mulberry & Licorice. This natural brightener contains licorice extract and mulberry to help your skin achieve optimum skin brightening. It can radiate your skin, fade unwanted dark, spots, and give you an even skin tone. Your complexion will be restored to its natural color and you’ll have glowing, youthful skin. We highly recommend trying this product and watching your skin transform into a beautiful appearance. To read more about skin brightening tips, tricks, techniques and products, we encourage you to look at this article.  

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