Tomatoes for Skin Lightening

Tomatoes for Skin Lightening

While finding different ways to lighten your skin, you may come across home remedies that work very effectively. People get creative with all the different lightening methods out there, using ingredients like honey, lemons, and licorice. One ingredient that works great for skin lightening, as well as other skin benefits, is a tomato. Using tomatoes for skin lightening may surprise you but they work great and can change the way you look at this vegetable (or fruit)!

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The Many Benefits of a Tomato

To help you realize all the benefits contained within a tomato, we’ve outlined just some of the capabilities it has and how it can help you. A tomato:

  • Is a natural ingredient, thus protecting your skin from harmful ingredients that are found in traditional lighteners.
  • Contains vitamin A which aids in vision, the immune system, and kidneys, and can help reduce wrinkles in addition to lightening the skin.
  • Contains vitamin B which can help with all sorts of skin conditions, including dry skin, damaged skin, acne, eczema, dermatitis, and hyperpigmentation. It can help you gain radiance in your skin.
  • Contains vitamin C which helps with collagen production- the most abundant protein in your body that helps with skin structure. Vitamin C helps reduce wrinkles and keep your skin bright.
  • Contains calcium, which is essential for your bone strength and teeth.
  • Contains potassium, which can help you with dry skin. The role of potassium is to help you regulate the amount of water in your cells. If you have less potassium, you’re likely going to experience drier skin, which can result in flaky skin and a dull appearance.
  • Contains magnesium which promotes youthful skin. A magnesium deficiency can accelerate the aging process and thus leave you looking older.
  • Contains lycopene which gives the tomato the bright red color. It can also help our skin by acting as an antioxidant- essentially protecting our skin from cell damage and keeping it healthy.
  • Has soothing properties like licorice, which can help heal burns or irritation on the skin.
  • Has astringent properties which are great for minimizing the pores on your skin and helping you get rid of oily skin.

The benefits mentioned about tomatoes are only a fraction of their full capabilities. Still, however, this is a great amount and it’s easy to tell that tomatoes have lots of skin enhancing functions. To get the best out of using tomatoes for skin lightening, you can combine them with other natural lighteners. For example, combining tomatoes and lemon juice can be great for your skin and provide you even more benefits than the tomato alone. You can also consider using it with honey or olive oil for moisturizing benefits as well.


Finding a great lightener can be a difficult task but choosing a natural one that can be found in your home can make the task much easier. We’ve found that tomatoes are great for lightening your skin and can be found in your fridge! Try this treatment today and consider reading about all the skin lightening methods here.

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