Swiss Botany Dead Sea Mud Mask

Use The Dead Sea Mud Masks Effectively


It is sometimes tough to keep up with weekly spa appointments when you are caught up in work and family. However, you no longer have to miss your favorite Mud treatment because you can give yourself a treat at your home.

The Dead Sea Mud is one of the best natural skin treatments. The mud is 100% pure and natural, free from all forms of synthetic additives. The Dead sea mud contains over 26 natural minerals that can deeply enrich your skin. The Dead Sea mud mask is a natural alternative to chemical peels. The regular use of the Dead Sea Mud comes with the following fantastic benefits:

  • Enrich your skin with nutrients and minerals
  • Hydrates your skin, removing  wrinkles and fine lines
  • Cleans up your pores, leaving you with a fresh and glowing skin
  • Moisturizes your skin, and removes dead tissues
  • Restores the natural pH levels of the skin

Swiss Botany Dead Sea Mud MaskApart from these benefits, the Dead Sea mud has powerful deep cleansing properties that can aid in the treatment of acne and oily skin. The mud is used to treat many types of skin conditions and also as an anti-aging remedy.

How it Works

The Dead Sea Mud is a deep-cleansing natural treatment that penetrates into your pores and cleans out all the dirt, dead skin cells and toxins that have accumulated on your skin. The mud reaches deep into your skin, unlike most other ordinary cleansers that only works on the peripheral parts of your skin.

Swiss Botany Dead Sea Mud MaskThe mud also feeds your skin with its natural minerals and nutrients. The mud helps in moisturizing your face and enhancing the elasticity of your skin. You would enjoy all these benefits in less than 30 minutes of applying the mud on your skin.

How to Use

You can use the Dead Sea mud mask weekly for your skin treatment. You should carry out a small skin test on your hand to find out how the strength of the salt and mineral content on the mud product will react to your skin.

You can go on and apply a thin layer of the mud on your face. You should allow the mud to dry for about 8-15 then rinse off with warm water. The mud will only take over 15 minutes to dry if layer on your skin is very thick. For hypersensitive and dry skin, you can repeat the treatment twice every week. Always ensure to wash off the mud before it gets too dry and starts to crack on your skin.

Swiss Botany Dead Sea Mud MaskUnlike many Dead Sea muds contaminated with water and other additives, the Swiss Botany Dead Sea Mud is 100% pure and contains powerful nutrients for your skin treatment.

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