Where to Find Vitamin D for Skin Brightening

Where to Find Vitamin D for Skin Brightening

Vitamin D is an amazing nutrient that can help your body in numerous ways. It can aid in bone and teeth health, strengthen your immune system, and protect against deadly diseases like cancer. However, an interesting property that vitamin D has is to brighten and moisturize your skin. You need to make sure that you know where to find vitamin D for skin brightening and achieving radiant skin. We’ve found the best sources where you can get your vitamins and stay glowing!

Sources of Vitamin D

You can find vitamin D all around you, including in your home, in your foods, and even outside in the air. A common source of vitamin D is found in the sun. The sun’s rays, when contacted with your skin cells, causes your body to produce vitamin D quite rapidly. In fact, not much time in the sun is needed to gain your daily dose of vitamin D. Sometimes, only 15 minutes is required for lighter skin types. For others with darker skin, it could be more. Keep in mind that vitamin D is produced only through direct contact with the rays. This means that you cannot effectively benefit from the sun if you are exposed through a window since many glass windows can block the rays. Make sure to go outside or open your window so that you’re able to reap the benefits from the sun and gain vitamin D.

cooked food

Another place where you can find vitamin D is in your foods. Lots of times, the very foods in our kitchen can contain a high amount of vitamin D which we can consume and benefit our bodies with. One food that is a great source of vitamin D is salmon. This tasty fish can give you a great supply of vitamin D and nourish your skin with essential nutrients. Another food that includes vitamin D content is an egg yolk. The yolk of the egg has proven benefits not only for your skin but for your hair as well. Consuming egg yolks in boiled, fried, poached, or any other form can help you gain more vitamin D. Lastly, some cereals and oatmeal can have good vitamin D supply that can aid in your skin brightening routine. Be sure to check the side of the box in the nutrition section and consume the proper amount for moisturized skin.

There are also other ways to obtain vitamin D, like taking supplements. Oftentimes the bottles are cheap and have hundreds of tablets included. You can take one daily depending on your needs to keep up your vitamin D levels.  


All of these methods are great ways to gain more vitamin D. The more vitamin D you have, the less flaky your skin will be and the more moisture it will hold. This is great for skin brightening as it will let your skin glow and your appearance will be radiant. To learn more about skin brightening tips and techniques, as well as skin whitening and lightening methods and products, read more here.

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