Essential Oils For Hair Care

Essential Oils For Hair Care

Damaged hair is what many of us face when we wash and dry each day. After awhile it gets very frustrating when we feel that our hair will never be the way it used to be. There is some hope though! With many essential oils, you can find some relief from damaged hair. There are actually quite a few essential oils for hair care that you should be aware of. Many of these essential oils are actually ingredients in our new shampoo bars! Keep reading for more information about these hair saving essential oils. 

 No More Damaged Hair

If you are suffering from dry hair, there are many essential oils that you can use to make some changes to your hair. Almond oil is one that many people love to use on their dry and damaged hair. Almond oil helps to hydrate your hair, but it also helps to soothe your scalp, which can help with dry scalp and dandruff. Another oil that is great for your hair is coconut oil because it helps to add shine and volume to your hair. But these two oils are known as carrier oils, what about essential oils?

Geranium oil, which is used in one of our shampoo bars, is extremely good for strengthen hair. It also has such an aromatic scent, that you cannot resist it! Rosemary oil is great for adding stimulation to the roots of your hair and helping it to grow faster and strong. And lastly, lavender oil, which is also in our shampoo bars, helps to fully conditioner your hair and keep it strong and dandruff free. 

Shampoo Bars are Almost Ready

We are working so hard with our product creators to get these shampoo bars on the site and ready for you! We know that you will love them and we cannot wait for you to try them. In the meantime, keep an eye on our website and our blogs with ways shampoo bars can change your life forever. 

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