Fruity Explosion Shampoo Bars

Fruity Explosion Shampoo Bars

Imagine being transported to the beach in your own shower. Soon you will be able to and you will be able to use our new shampoo bars to do it! That's right! We are making shampoo bars! We are just as excited as you are, believe us! One of the scents that you will be able to buy is called fruity explosion. The fruity explosion shampoo bar is like being at the beach with mangoes, honey dew, and mandarin oranges. This scent is like no other and we cannot wait to tell you what to expect. 

 Ingredients and Scents

 We love the beach and we love tropical fruits, that could be part of the reason for this new, fruity explosion shampoo bar. There are many tropical fruits that we used for this shampoo bar that are actually great for your hair! Mandarins, for example,are full of vitamin C and Magnesium. Both of these vitamins can help your hair to become much stronger and help it from breaking off easily. 

 Honeydew melon, which is one of the main ingredients in this shampoo bar, has many hair healthy benefits. If you are a fan of the sweet melon already, you know that just from one taste, you are hooked and you feel like you are having fruit on a tropical island. Imagine is it did the same thing for your hair. Well, it can! That is why we love it! Just like mandarins, honeydew melon has quite a lot of vitamin C in it. This means that it can help to not only hydrate your hair, but also builds the strength of your hair. This can help your hair to have fewer split ends and make it look thicker and healthier. 

 We are incredibly pleased with how these shampoo bars are coming out. We are even more excited with how much you will truly love them! Please stay with us to see when they are available and be sure to read more about shampoo bars on our blogs. 

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