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Bodacious Bum for Superior Butt Lifter Promotes a Shaplier Firmer Butt

✔ Butt Lifter provides a natural and easy way to get a bigger butt without doing the butt workout or using weight gainers our Butt Enhancer has shown dramatically increased elastin and firmness when used consistently!

✔ Bodacious Bum uses the main natural ingredient Fenugreek which has shown excellent benefits for not only raising and making that booty perk, but for breast enhancement and has shown results removing cellulite from thighs!

✔ Bum Bum Cream's are all the rage during the summer months, but can come from out of the country where they don't do tests but no need to put hazardous chemicals on your skin our products are tested in our GMP Certified Labs and made here in the USA!

✔ Trusted by the Experts at Swiss Botany we seek out the best and brightest teams to help us formulate our rock star products! We create our Bodacious Bum in a GMP certified lab right here in the USA!

Butt Enhancement Cream

Butt Enhancement Cream

Bodacious Bum by Swiss Botany - Need Lifting, Firming, Perkier Booty? Just use this twice per day!

Swiss Botany Bodacious Bum Creamas para aumentar los gluteos

Utilizing 100% Natural and safe ingredients Swiss Bodacious Bum Cream delivers a safe alternative to risky surgery by providing natural options for butt enlargement and butt enhancement by boosting dormant hormone levels safely!


  • Activates natural butt hormonal levels leading to increased firmness and larger size
  • Truly all natural ingredients directly related to boosting hormonal effects on breast & butt tissue
  • May notice some mood swings and/or missed periods - This is NORMAL you are super charging your hormones!


Swiss Botany Booty Lifting: 

  • Will it work for me? Safely Used by ALL BODY TYPES (Big Butt, Small Butt, Flatt Butt, Stinky Butt, the answer is YES!)
  • Natural Results Will Last
  • Results in as little as 90 days!


For Growth: Use up to 4 times per day

For Enhancement & Lifting: Use twice per day once in the morning, once at night! (Repeat Daily)

Ingredients: Deionized water, behentrimonium methosulfate, cetyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, polydimethylsiloxane, caprylic/capric triglyceride, phenoxyethanol, caprylic glycol, sorbic acid, stearic acid, wild yam extract, fragrance, milk thistle extract, motherwort extract, black cohosh extract, blessed thistle extract, damiana extract, dong quai extract, fennel extract, fenugreek extract, saw palmetto extract, sodium hydroxide

Butt Enlargement Cream

Boost for him/her Butt Enhancement: Tips for a Better Booty

If you want some SERIOUS curves using REAL BUTT ENHANCEMENT CREAM - And you don't want to use enhanced rubber butt pad, and would enjoy a more lifted, firmer, toner butt -

Using the cream 2 or more times per day may help reduce the appearance of cellulite - Giving your butt a smoother and better-rounded look (Enhancing your curves, yeah!)

ADD our Swiss Botany Booty Soap (Sold separately) into the mix, giving your butt a nice massage with our Pueraria Mirifica Booty Enhancing soap will not only help aid in the appearance of smoother skin on your rear end, but it also gives the wonderful added benefit of tightening the skin over time and breaking down the fat cells leaving you with a firmer, softer, perkier looking booty than when you started.

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