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Pueraria Mirifica Capsules for Natural Bust Enhancement, Restore Elasticity and Smoothness, Improve Skin, Hair and Nails, Take with Food, 60 Capsules | Premium Made by Swiss Botany, 1 Bottle

  • Harness the power of Pueraria Mirifica to restore elasticity and a youthful appearance to your bust. The innovative formulation activates your body's ability to increase firmness, reduce sagging, and restore plumpness for an improved cleavage. You may even see improvements in other areas of your body, like the hair, nails, and buttocks. Don't give up if you don't see changes in a week. This product shows gradual results with consistent use. Each bottle contains 1 month's supply.
  • Pueraria Mirifica Serum is nature’s own bust enhancement solution designed to make your bust line firm & lifted naturally. Bust enhancer builds a perky bust line and restores full bouncy-ness to sagging bust. Look your best even in a bikini.
  • Swiss Botany has carefully formulated its natural bust enhancement capsules for safe use. Some users have reported a shift in their monthly menstruation patterns. This is a natural part of your body reorienting itself as its chemistry changes. No animal products or animal byproducts included. Cruelty free and Vegan Friendly. Ingredients: Pure Pueraria Mirifica (90%) Crabapple Limba (3.33%) Myrobalan (3.33%) Emblic Leafflower Fruit (3.33%)
  • Capsules can be used alone or in combination with other Swiss Botany bust enhancement products for a wide range of benefits. For bust enhancement, take 1 capsule with food, twice a day. To increase bustline, use in combination with Pueraria Mirifica serum and enhancement cream. To improve hair, skin and nails, or to help with easing menopause symptoms, take 1 capsule with food once a day.
  • Pueraria Mirifica can be used by any adult, both men and women, seeking to improve the quality of their skin in regards to firmness, elasticity and more.