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Swiss Botany Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel Liquid Collagen Botonex In A Bottle Formula Instantly Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles Sculpts Facial Contours Made in USA| Professionally Trusted

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  • ✔ Instant Face Lift Cream Repair your skin and maintain it's health by applying Dragons Blood Serum which is enriched with key ingredients that help eliminate puffiness, frown lines, fine lines, crows feet and sagginess so that your healthy, radiant inner beauty will be shown; use with our face massager for face lift or your favorite kansa wand
  • ✔︎ Dragons Blood Gel Premium Instant Wrinkle Tightening Serum based on anti wrinkle creams that really work to reverse the signs of aging; Sangre De Drago helps recapture a youthful appearance with Face Tightening Double Serum Dragons Blood Moisturizer Gel Anti-Inflammatory properties sooth, repair skin and reduce irritation
  • ✔︎ Dragons Blood Plumping Serum with Innovative & Ageless Formula; Great for defining facial contours by Instantly Tightening, plumping and sculpting the Face. Dragons Blood Natural Botonex is Botanically derived from Australia containing a group of compounds called proanthocyanidins which actually repair collagen, boosting and skin firming and wrinkle repairing ingredients are fully loaded into this genius formula
  • ✔︎ Safe For All Skin types Sangre De drago Organic Dragons Blood Gel is Non-comedogenic and does not contain parabens, sulfates or alcohol; Dragon Blood Oil combined into natural anti-aging gel has better and faster absorbent properties; For best results use twice a day in order to restore your skin back to its natural youthful glow and reverse the signs of aging
  • ✔︎ Purchase with complete peace of mind, our wrinkle fix dragon's blood moisturizing gel for face tightening and lifting If you are not completely satisfied with Swiss Botany's Natural Dragon Blood cosmetics, we will refund your entire purchase. Look for our New Dragons Blood Wash (sold separately) Add dragon blood plumping serum to your daily jawline treatment and ditch the lifting stick forever!