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Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel - Croton Lechleri Resin Extract Reduces Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles - Anti-aging Moisturizer Tightens and Restores Skin Elasticity - Fragrance Free, 1 Ounce by SwissBotany

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  • REDUCE VISIBLE SIGNS OF AGING - When used with a proper skin protecting regimen, Swiss Botany's Dragon's Blood sculpting gel will moisture your skin and reduce the aging effects of your skin
  • RESTORE SKIN ELASTICITY - Get your youthful appearance back by using the Dragon's Blood Gel as it has been used for centuries to help heal wounds and works wonderfully...
  • NO TOXIC CHEMICALS OR FRAGRANCES - Swiss Botany only uses ingredients that are natural....
  • SOOTHE DRY SKIN - A super moisturizer..Don't worry, no Dragons were harmed
  • GET YOUR CONFIDENCE BACK - Just because you are aging in years, doesn't mean you have to show it by using Dragon's Blood serum you can gracefully fight back